Bringing Calm Waters
 to Chaos

Bringing Discipline to Chaos

About Melissa & Testimonials

Melissa has over 20 years experience working as a coordinator of services and projects - including nearly ten years as a counselor and case manager. With a Masters Degree in Education (focused on Adult and Organizational Development), she brings a unique skill set to her coaching clientele. Melissa is a born organizer who can "see" the inherent order in anything. Let her help your chaos find its own discipline. It's just waiting to be let out!

Melissa was amazing. I'm going through a divorce and she packed up all of my ex husband's belongings for me while I went upstairs to work. She was a gift from above. The divorce has been so emotionally draining that it was like someone came into my home and gave me the gift of reprieve. She organized everything and she did so efficiently. I feel like I can breathe now and there's no way I would have had the courage to clean up all of those memories on my own without a breakdown. Thank you Melissa. You're talent, patience and skill is amazing.

Melissa is one of the rare people that make things happen without showing effort. She is a true catalyst for positive change and brings the positive qualities of others into a working process. Always a professional, Melissa make working and collective goals enjoyable. - Dr. Lawrence Wess
Melissa is a professional from beginning to end, while being very personable as well. As a client, she makes one feel "comfortable" with one's own "organizational style." Melissa utilizes her education, experience, and expertise in Education and Adult & Organizational Development to inform her assessments, processes, and solutions. -Sara A. Baker, MSW
Melissa has a knack for bringing "order to chaos" by assessing a client's needs and determining the most effective way to achieve a particular goal. When I worked with her on a larger barn attic organization project I could see the client's relieved expression when she explained how she planned to tackle the project, and again when it was complete. I highly recommend Melissa for all of your home or business organizational needs!- Carol McCoy, Owner, The Real McCoy
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